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Created on 2011-06-26 22:46:03 (#917796), last updated 2011-06-26 (330 weeks ago)

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I'm sure this info is incredibly old, but I am lazy about changing it because I don't know what else to put, so this is what you get. I dunno, maybe one day I'll have a list of all the interests I'd like to put but that's on the same To Do list as changing my layout and updating my icon and character development journals, so it'll probably happen, uh, never...


That said, I basically friend anyone who friends me back, though I do from time to time prune people I don't feel I have anything in common with. I'm constantly looking for more friends, especially people with a similar taste in music, but I'm incredibly shy when it comes to asking to friend people so, odds are, if I've talked to you, I want to friend you, but probably don't have the courage to say so. *L*

Fair warning- I am a slash whore and a music whore and a manga/anime whore and occasionally my über-geeky side comes out. Consider yourself warned.

If you're looking for my icons, all of them are stored on my icon journal ([profile] cnt_icons). All my fics (and hopefully later on other pieces as well) are located in my writing journal ([profile] cnt_writings). My character information is on my character development journal ([profile] cnt_charries). Of these, [profile] cnt_writings is the only one which is even remotely up to date ([profile] cnt_icons hasn't been updated in, uh, years, not because I haven't made any icons, but because I've been terrible about updating it when I should and now it's become sooooo much that I'd have to post, it's daunting. I'll do it some weekend when I've nothing else to do, I promise!)

Interests (140):

accents, albion, algorithms, anime, annapolis, arcadia, aristotle, astronomy, babyshambles, bamfs, biggles, bilo, bishounen, books, boondock saints, boys in swishy coats, british accents, britpop, carl barât, castle, clamp, coding, computer games, computer geeks, computers, crosswords, dancing, david bowie, depression, didz hammond, dirty pretty things, doctor who, draco malfoy, dragons, drew mcconnell, escaflowne, euclid, fanfiction, fantasy, ffviii, final fantasy, firefly, frank sinatra, frank turner, gackt, gary powell, gay rights, geeks, gravitation, great books, greek history, greek mythology, hana kimi, harry/draco, historical accuracy, hugging, hugh laurie, intelligence, j-rock, japan, jarvis cocker, john hassall, john williams, johnnies, jude law, kaikan phrase, kaori yuki, king arthur, labyrinth, leonard cohen, life on mars, lord of the rings, love, magic, manga, medieval ages, memes, memphis grizzlies, music, mythology, ncis, nme, norman reedus, oasis, old books, ones and zeros, pet shop of horrors, photography, pretty boys, programming, pulp, purebloods, reading, red roses, role playing, roman history, roses kings castles, rpgs, ruroken, sarcasm, sci-fi, science, science fiction, serenity, shakespeare, sherlock, sherlock bbc, sherlock holmes, shiny things, shojo kakumei utena, shounen ai, silver, sjc, slash, sleeping, slytherin, snuggling, st. john's college, star wars, stephen fry, suede, swing dancing, technology, the cooper temple clause, the dead weather, the internet, the kills, the libertines, the princess bride, the raconteurs, tokyo babylon, top gear, torchwood, transmetropolitan, video games, waltz, we are scientists, white chocolate, words, yaoi

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